Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Top 10 Technology Predictions For 2011

Here is my prediction list that I think will happen in 2010. Some of these could also be considered part of my wish list.

1. iTunes will be in the cloud (music only)
Apple will provide everyone with free cloud storage space for any music they buy or have bough through iTunes. You will be able to stream your music to any apple device. Here's the bad part, they will have a paid cloud storage for your ripped cd's.

2. Xbox & Playstation; No game disks
We will start to hear rumors of the next gen game consoles requiring no disks. Microsoft and Sony will offer game downloads. They will also keep your purchased games backed up in case your hard drive dies.

3. Blockbuster's doors will close for good
Blockbuster's brick and mortar stores will be no more. However, they will still have a presents in the cloud and continue to offer streaming content. Somebody has to be a thorn in Netflix and Apple's side.

4. Google's gTunes
Google's Android is a success and will continue to get even bigger. But I think there's two things missing. Syncing my media to my Android phone and where to get that media from. That's where gTunes comes in.

5. Apple TV won't be a hobby anymore
Apple over the holidays announced over 1 million sold. This use to be a device only for tech people, not anymore by these numbers. Apps for the iPhone then iPad. Why not AppleTV. The catch: you have to own an iPad to be used as the controller.

6. Data only plans for smart phones
Why do I have a voice package on my iPhone? Text, email, Facebook or Twitter is how you get a hold of me. You will see cell companies dropping or reducing their voice packages. Negative: Data plans will go up. 

7. Flash will be non existent
The iPad will be taking over the world like a virus this year. Average folks (non techie) will start complaining why they can't view/do this or that on my iPad and they won't be blaming Apple.

8. Apple wireless sync
One of the biggest complaints with the iPhone or iPad is having to connect to a cord. I'm almost positive Apple is looking into cutting the wires for syncing. Negative: Still need a cord of charging. But I'm sure they are working on that too.

9. Xbox going mobile
Microsoft has shown that their Windows Phone 7 is not for gaming. At the same time they are missing out on a big gaming market. We will start to hear rumors about taking the xbox experience on the go.

10. New Movie releases at home
Movie theaters will have the lowest attendance record in history. Prices too high for what you get. Charging extra for this so called 3D. Here's my two reasons why this will happen. One, the theater will start banning smart phones due to piracy, people recording clips of the movie with their phones. Two, the movie studios will start offering the movie at home the same time as it's theater release date, for a premium price of course.

Bonus: Crazy Ass prediction
 Apple will become the richest company in the world surpassing Exxon Mobil.