Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Most Used iPhone Apps From 2010

Here is my top 10 iphone apps that I used over the past year.

1. Tower Madness (iTunes Link)
A tower defense game where you have to stop the aliens from taking the sheep.

2. Angry Birds (iTunes Link)
The pigs have stolen the birds eggs. You have to slingshot different types of birds at the pigs to kill them. Very addictive.

3. Twitter (iTunes Link)
There's lots of different twitter apps out there, I just happen to like using this one.

4. Facebook (iTunes Link)
Pretty straight forward.

5. (iTunes Link)
This is a great financing tool. Works with any bank in Canada or the US. Owned by Intuit which is a trusted name when it comes to financial software.

6. RBC Mobile (iTunes Link)
The Royal Bank of Canada were a little late making a iPhone app but they have given us a very good first pass. Just came out in November but I use it almost every day. Much easier to use than their mobile site.

7. Couch To 5K (iTunes Link)
This is probally my #1 app. This app got me off the couch and into running. For me 5K has turned into 32k.

8. Nike+ GPS (iTunes Link) RunKeeper Pro (iTunes Link)
If you run I recommend an app that uses GPS. Both of these are good ones.

9. Google (iTunes Link)
You don't really need the Google app, but it a nice way to keep everything Google offers all nicely packaged into one app.

10. Fruit Ninja (iTunes Link)
Fruit is thrown in the air and you have to chop it.

Bonus: Starbucks App (iTunes Link).
This app stops me from sounding like an idiot when ordering. You pick and customize your drink, then it shows you what to say.